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Brand: Karcher Model: 417034
Kärcher's 500ml Glass Cleaning Concentrate provides streak-free results when used in conjunction with a Kärcher Window Vac . It allows for the non-aggressive removal of dirt, grease, insects, emissions and water marks without any surface damage. The bio-degradable formula ensures that the detergent ..
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Brand: Karcher Model: 417073
The 18v Fast Charger is ideal for quickly charging any Karcher 18v battery.Able to charge the 2.5Ah battery to 80% within 44 minutes and the 5.0Ah battery within 90 minutes, the fast charger allows you to quickly get back to your cleaning or gardening task...
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Brand: Karcher Model: 417072
The 18v / 5.0Ah Battery with innovative Real Time Technology, is suitable for use in all devices using the Kärcher 18V battery power platform.With a integrated LCD display, the 18v battery communicates the remaining running time, remaining charging time and state of charge, depending on which device..
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Brand: Karcher Model: 60983
Powerful and especially gentle multi-purpose cleanerFor cleaning sensitive points on vehicles or motorcyclesQuick and efficient cleaning in combination with a Kärcher high-pressure washerQuick-dry formula for streak-free drying without the need for manual polishing after cleaningUltra Gloss Formula ..
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Brand: Karcher Model: 60982
The unique 3 in 1 formula is the ideal combination to create fantastic cleaning performance. It's active dirt remover and protective formula help to remove dirt fast and keep the surfaces looking clean for longer.The unique formula is tough on oil, grease road & winter grime.BenefitsKarcher 3 in..
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Brand: Karcher Model: 418198
Karcher AD2 Ash and Dry Vac Vacuum Cleaner | 1.629-715.0Product Description Powerful, long-lasting, user-friendly, versatile and safe: With the AD 2 ash and dry vacuum cleaner with 600-watt turbine, removing ash couldn't be easier. Its integrated filter cleaning system provides long-lasting suction ..
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Brand: Karcher Model: 417021
Karcher AD4 Premium Ash and Dry Vac Vacuum Cleaner | 1.629-733.0Product DescriptionThe AD 4 Premium ash and dry vacuum cleaner with a 600-watt turbine and exhaust air filter ensures impressive high, long-lasting suction power and it is available to purchase now from Telfords DIY Store in Portlaoise,..
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Brand: Karcher Model: 417089
Compatible machinesKärcher DS 5300Kärcher T 7/1Kärcher T 7/1 AdvKärcher T 7/1 eco efficiencyKärcher T 7/1 plusKärcher T 7/1 ProfessionalKärcher T 9/1 BpKärcher T 10/1Kärcher T 10/1 AdvKärcher T 10/1 eco efficiencyKärcher T 10/1 Professional..
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Brand: Karcher Model: 417033
The Kärcher Carpet Glider expands the application area of Kärcher steam cleaners as it refreshes and straightens carpets and rugs, giving them a new lease of life. The Kärcher carpet glider is compatible with all EasyFix floor tools boasting quick and easy connection. FEATURES AND BENEFITS ..
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Brand: Karcher Model: 430304
The Kärcher descaling cartridge for the SC 3 automatically removes dissolved lime from the fill water. The efficient self-descaling technology provides reliable protection against limescale formation and ensures long service life for the machine. No other descaling measures are necessary.Compatible ..
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Brand: Karcher Model: 417032
The EasyFix microfiber floor cloth set contains 2 high-absorbent and durable floor cloths made of high-quality microfibre for the floor nozzle EasyFix. For excellent and hygienic cleaning results on hard floors - even corners and edges are effortlessly clean. Thanks to the hook and loop system, the ..
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