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Brand: NEDIS Model: 410099
This Nedis® ergonomic monitor mount allows you to position your screens at the perfect height and reduce pressure on your neck muscles. The mount can support three screens up to 24" with a maximum weight of 21 kg.• Made from metal - for strength and support• Can mount three 14 - 24" computer screens..
Brand: NEDIS Model: 410098
Fix two PC monitors to this mount and rotate, swivel and tilt them until they are perfectly angled. It is supplied with all necessary materials to enable a fast and easy installation.• Gas spring structure for effortless swiveling, tilting and rotating• Portrait-to-landscape 360° rotation for a wide..
Brand: NEDIS Model: 381857
General information Trendy design 3400 W dual induction cooker. Preparing dinner is very easy thanks to the large capacity, clear touch keys and different temperature levels, varying from 60° to 240°C. Ideal for warming, fry cooking, deep frying and stir frying. Features • T..
Brand: NEDIS Model: 426888
If you’re working in an office, you’re probably familiar with those situations of you turning the air-conditioning up while you’re colleague puts on an extra sweater. This Nedis® mini air cooler provides the answer as it cools your direct, personal environment without the person next to you even not..
Brand: NEDIS Model: 427057
This portable and lightweight Nedis® foldable notebook stand is a must-have for your desk! The holder ensures that placement of your laptop, tablet or smartphone is in the ideal viewing angle, so you can always work comfortably. The open design of the stand ensures great ventilation.The standard can..
Brand: NEDIS Model: 403765
Clean your jewellery with this ultrasonic cleaner. The sonic sound waves vibrate at 43 kHz which ensures all dust and dirt are carefully cleaned off. Simply put your jewellery in the 600 ml tank and start the device. Even those difficult corners will be perfectly clean. The digital timer enables you..
Brand: NEDIS Model: 381802
Take control of your lights with this Smart Bulb that connects directly to your wireless/Wi-Fi router to offer remote control as part of your home automation system. Easy to set up You don’t need to be a technical genius or an electrician to control and automate your lighting remotely. All you a..
Brand: NEDIS Model: 381809
Traditional light switches just got a lot smarter. This Smart Wall Switch for Lights allows you to remotely and automatically take control of your lighting. Easy to set up The switch can be used to control your light by simply using the touch button on it. But, it also allows you to connect it d..
Brand: NEDIS Model: 426886
This wireless laser pointer and slideshow controller can really bring your presentations to life.Simply connect the laser controller to your PC (using the USB dongle provided) and you can walk around while presenting, rather than being forced to stay close to your PC.With this essential presentation..
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