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Coffee Machine

Brand: Delonghi Model: 380790
The Maintenance To ensure perfect results every time and keep your De'Longhi machine in top condition. BEST VALUE PACK - Contains enough descaler for four descaling operations 500 ml pack - New Packaging Ecological descaler made with 100% lactic acid Used regularly ..
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Brand: Russell Hobbs Model: 411849
Russell Hobbs knows appliances inside out. Being one of the world’s go-to brands for everyday essentials such as kettles, coffee machines and steam irons, we understand how to get the very best out of the appliances you rely on every day. That's why we have developed a multipurpose descaler that des..
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Model: 404808
Item dimensions L x W x H 18.7 x 32.1 x 31 centimetresTiny is the smallest Lavazza a Modo Mio coffee Machine. It is beautiful, compact and above all practical: With a single button It turns on, turns off and prepares coffeeSelected coffee, roasted and ground, with slow extraction that maximizes flav..
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Brand: Delonghi Model: 412347
– The machine can be used with either coffee beans or ground coffee– You can prepare two cups of coffee with a single brewing– Removable brewing unit with variable capacity– New silent integrated coffee grinder with 13 grinding settings– Adjustable coffee quantity– Adjustable water quantity– Electro..
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Brand: Russell Hobbs Model: 411641
Buckingham Stainless Steel Coffee Maker   If you love the great taste of coffee, you’ll love the freshly filtered flavours of coffee from a Buckingham Stainless Steel Coffee Maker. It reaches optimum brewing temperature 50% faster* and features advanced showerhead technolog..
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Model: 404804
The smallest and quietest of Lavazza's A Modo Mio coffee machines.So small, you can fit it anywhere you want. So quiet that it prepares your coffee silently, because the coffee will do the talking. Jolie is the ideal Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee machine to make an authentic Italian espresso to share wi..
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Brand: Delonghi Model: 389712
BURR GRINDING SYSTEM Burr grinding system: thanks to two grinding wheels it perfectly grinds coffee beans, avoiding overheating and preserving the coffee aroma. Upper grinding wheel is removable for ease of cleaning. FINENESS SELECTOR Fineness selector to choose the desired ground co..
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Brand: NESPRESSO Model: 389702
Prepare your perfect coffee and milk based beverages at a touch of a buttonThe 19 bar pump pressure – The 19 bar pump ensures perfect results in cup, delivering the correct amount of pressure and water flow according to the type of beverage selected. Consistent, high quality aroma no matter whether ..
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Model: 406264
Using fresh, good quality beans is the foundation to a perfect cup of coffee and grinding the beans immediately before brewing helps to retain the delicate oils and aromas contained inside the beans.This professional burr grinder presses the beans between its plates for a perfectly even grind, extra..
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