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Upgrade your kitchen with Telford's Electric's high-quality single ovens. Choose from a variety of trusted brands for a seamless cooking experience.
BOSCH Serie 4 Electric Oven BLACK | HBS534BB0B
Special Offer
Brand: Bosch Model: 399473
59.5 x 59.4 x 54.8 cm (H x W x D)Capacity: 71 litresAssisted cleaningOven type: Multifunction..
€449.00 €499.00
Ex Tax:€365.04
Special Offer
Brand: Neff Model: 399426
59.5 x 59.4 x 54.8 cm (H x W x D)Capacity: 71 litresAuto cleaningOven type: MultifunctionEnergy rating: AGo greenAvoid using harsh chemicals to clean your oven with pyrolytic cleaning technology. It uses heat to burn away residue, which means you won't need to add chemicals – much better for the pla..
€999.01 €1,039.01
Ex Tax:€812.20
Brand: Beko Model: 104001
AeroPerfectâ„¢AeroPerfectâ„¢ technology takes its inspiration from aerodynamics and aircraft design. AeroPerfectâ„¢ uses a constant stream of airflow in the oven to minimise temperature fluctuation for fast and even cooking every single time.True Fan CookingAlways achieve perfectly roasted meat and evenly..
Ex Tax:€226.83
BOSCH Serie 4 Electric Oven Stainless Steel | HBS534BS0B
Special Offer
Brand: Bosch Model: 169700
Bake evenly using up to three levels.Now you can bake a batch of goodies, like cookies, on up to three levels simulaneously. The 3D Hotair fan distributes heat quickly and evenly throughout the interior. You can also cook two dishes at the same time, in one oven – so you can bake lasagne for tonight..
€449.00 €489.00
Ex Tax:€365.04
Brand: Beko Model: 421449
Height: 59.5cm Width: 59.4cm Depth: 56.7cmThis built-in oven comes with our latest cooking technology, AeroPerfectâ„¢ which uses a constant stream of airflow in the oven to minimise temperature fluctuation for fast and even cooking every single time. This oven even cleans itself at the touch of a butt..
Ex Tax:€365.04
Brand: Zanussi Model: 55009
The Series 20 FanCook Oven circulates hot air heat with its fan and ring element. Air is continuously moved around in the oven cavity, to make sure that dishes can be cooked on different level at the same time.Evenly Cooked Results, On Any LevelGet perfectly even oven results with Multilevel cooking..
Ex Tax:€349.59
Brand: ELECTROLUX Model: 401196
With the 600 SurroundCook® Oven, everything from crisp roast chicken to delicate meringues are cooked evenly. Our oven makes sure the internal temperature is consistent throughout, as the fan circulates air and heat. So you no longer need to turn dishes or adjust trays.CleaningAqua Clean EnamelCavit..
Ex Tax:€325.19
BOSCH Serie 4 built-in oven Stainless steel | HBS573BS0B
Special Offer
Brand: Bosch Model: 169701
The built-in oven with AutoPilot: automatically prepares perfect dishes.AutoPilot 10: every dish is a perfect success thanks to 10 pre-set automatic programmes.Red LED display control: easy-to-use thanks to clear time display.Pop-out controls: for an easy to clean front.Pyrolytic self-cleaning: effo..
€629.00 €719.00
Ex Tax:€511.38
BOSCH Serie 4 60cm Pyrolytic Single Oven BLACK | HBS573BBOB
Special Offer
Brand: Bosch Model: 421159
DesignLED-display control (red)Rotary dial, Retractable control dials, round5 shelf positionsStraight bar handleFeaturesElectronic clock timerHeating-up indicatorAutoPilotAutomatic startElectronic door lockControl panel lockAutomatic safety switch offAutoPilot, 10Automatic programmesInterior halogen..
€599.00 €729.00
Ex Tax:€486.99
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