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Model: 67206
LED Rechargeable Torch 5 WATT | 67206..
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VALENTINO LED Demister Mirror 70 x 50 | H1325070
Special Offer
Model: 371449
VALENTINO LED Demister Mirror 70 x 50 | H1325070371449..
€189.00 €264.50
Ex Tax:€153.66
Model: 416572
10 Dimmable LED Ring Light with phone holder..
Ex Tax:€16.25
Brand: PLATINET Model: 381816
Desk lamp with color-changing bedside lamp and built-in battery. KEY FEATURES 34 high quality LEDs Adjusting the lighting level Additional night lamp with the ability to change color Built-in battery ADAPTED TO YOUR NEEDS The PDL20BAT desk lamp has the ability to regulate the int..
Ex Tax:€20.72
Model: 416573
10 Dimmable LED Ring Light with phone holder..
Ex Tax:€24.38
Brand: GOOBAY Model: 416200
Technical data Colour Black Weight 255 g Technology Alkali-manganese (Ø) 45 mm Length 171 mm No. of bulbs 1 IP rating  IPX7 Bulb typ..
Ex Tax:€24.38
Brand: Trust Model: 440855
Illuminates your workspace in accordance with your activities, reducing glare and eye strainThree light colour settings for cool, neutral or warm light, to help you focus or relaxBuilt-in dimmer to change the light intensity. Easy control with a single buttonAdditional LED light in the back with ind..
Ex Tax:€27.63
Brand: GOOBAY Model: 416201
LED desk lamp with speaker Mood Light + Calender Interior lighting for work room, children's room, bedroom or office This text is machine translated. Highlights & Details Battery-powered With clock, date and temperature display With Birthday Reminder Facts 3-step di..
Ex Tax:€24.38
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