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Brand: Roberts Model: 377616
The Chronologic VI is the ideal clock radio – it features analogue FM/MW wavebands, snooze, sleep timer, auto dimmer and automatic date and time settings. There’s a dual alarm, and also a weekend function if you fancy a lie in. Just in case of a power cut – there’s also a back-up battery. ..
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Brand: HAMA Model: 423144
THE 8-IN-1 ALL-ROUNDER Nowadays speakers can do so much. The ‘Pocket Clock’ speaker is a real all-rounder: It can wake you up, play your favourite music, and can also be used as a hands-free kit. But the best thing is: You can take it with you wherever you go, as it’s guaranteed to fit in any poc..
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Brand: Philips Model: 409198
Authentic 1950s style meets modern performance in this mains-powered Bluetooth radio. The wooden cabinet, copper dials and dimmable display make this the perfect centrepiece in any room. A digital radio tuner delivers clear reception. See all benefitsThis Bluetooth radio pays homage to the iconic Ph..
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Brand: Sony Model: 426606
  View larger View larger Clock Radio Advanced alarm features Single alarm setting with radio or buzzer sound. Wake you up gently thanks to the progressive alarm volume and extendable snooze functions. Convenient device Adju..
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Brand: Roberts Model: 377609
Chronoplus2 is the perfect bedside partner. With its large 1.4” LED display, you'll be able to easily check the time day or night. It has a dual alarm, meaning you can set one for yourself and one for a different time. With the automatic summer/winter setting you don't need to remember to ch..
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Brand: Philips Model: 409128
Start your day your way! Wake up to the radio or a buzzer FM, Digital tuning Dual alarm Time and alarm backup Wake up to your favourite radio tune or a buzzer Wake up to sounds from your favourite radio station or a buzzer. Simply set the alarm on your ..
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