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Brand: TP-LINK Model: 416729
AC1200 wireless with 100Mbps Ethernet backhaul.Designed for office cubical and hotel room wired and wireless connections.Easy-mount construction allows installation into 1-gang electric wall-box.Compact, low-profile design fits discreetly with any existing interior style.Cloud management and Omada A..
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Brand: TP-LINK Model: 416733
Wireless class: AC1200 + HomePlug AV1000WiFi + PLC Hybrid Mesh: Hybrid network boosts bandwidth effectivelyWith powerline, there is no more walls or distance limits. Enjoy home WiFi everywhere!Simple and Smart: Easily setup and manage your network with the Deco appHardware is compatible with Amazon ..
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Brand: TP-LINK Model: 395113
Boosts wireless signal to previously unreachable or hard-to-wire areas flawlessly Compatible with 802.11 b/g/n and 802.11ac Wi-Fi devices Dual band speeds up to 750Mbps Miniature size and wall-mounted design make it easy to deploy and move flexibly Ethernet port allows the Extender to functi..
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Brand: NEDIS Model: 410073
Easy to cut: Measure and cut the required length of the tape to keep your cables tidy.Long lasting: Since this cable binder is 910 cm long, it would last for a long time.Durable: Being made of durable PVC, the 1.6cm wide cable binder would hold all your wires and leads in one place.Portable: This Ve..
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Model: 382041
ENERGY EFFICIENT UK SWITCH-MODE POWER SUPPLY 2250mA This compact, energy efficient switch-mode power supply gives up to 2250mA with a variable output from 3V to 12V. Suitable for most low power electronic products such as MP3 players, PDA etc...
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Brand: AV-LINK Model: 382247
An amazing and compact Bluetooth device that will open a new world of wireless audio enjoyment both at home or on the move. Simply connect using the audio cable provided to your TV, projector or other audio device and stream wirelessly to Bluetooth headphones, speakers or soundbars. Alternatively co..
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Brand: Vivanco Model: 370466
VIVANCO MINI DVI/DVI ADAPTOR ​ Mini DVI plug - DVI socket Short adapter to connect Mini DVI sockets to existing DVI connections High quality shielding With the aid of this adapter it is easy to connect peripherals to end devices with Mini DVI ..
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Brand: Ednet Model: 415231
Description USB Type-C connection cable, type C to C M/M, 1.8m, High-Speed, bl Allows a reliable and fast connection of external USB devices with the PC. For superfast synchronising and charging Type C connector can be used on both directions •Type C connector can be used on both direct..
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Brand: Ednet Model: 415228
Description USB Type-C connection cable, type C to A M/M, 1.0m, 3A, 5GB, 3.0 Version, bl Allows a reliable and fast connection of external USB devices with the PC. For superfast synchronising and charging Type-C™ connector can be used in both directions Type-C™ connector can be u..
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